ASSOCIATES (vol. 6, no. 3, March 2000) -

     Well, I thought I just wrote an editorial and put my foot in my mouth, but Kendall informs me that since I got married, my name changed and pushed me further down on the list. So here I am again. Just say "open mouth, insert foot."

     And here I go.

     What is this about flea erections!? (No wait, that's someone else's editorial. Ok, here I go again.)

     I say Charles DeGaulle has got to go! ( He's dead? Hmmmm.....)

     Well, then certainly everyone agrees that the Pillsbury Doughboy is one weird little dude! Also, did anyone note how much he looks like the "StaPuft Marshmallow Man" in "Ghostbusters"? (This isn't working either.)

     The law of gravity must be repealed! (This is getting even more stupid. Ok, ok, I got it!)

     What is this Library Life column that gets published in every issue! Who is this Katie Kintner person and why does she think she is funny? Why are libraries funny? When do libraries even appear in her column? I thought this periodical was about libraries, for pity's sake. Where do libraries figure in complaining about Los Angeles freeways and telling us about parrots at weddings?

     In short, who appointed her the Associates resident comedian?

(editor's note: She did it herself. No one asked or even hinted that her mirth and wirt...wit...were even necessary or desired. She just took it UPON HERSELF to go ahead and write about anything she darned well please and didn't ask ANYONE if she could or not. What a b***h!)


     Katie Kintner descends from her lofty golden throne to respond: What a silly editorial and if it weren't so thoughtfully well-written, I would be insulted. Obviously, the writer is a person of great perception but the answer to their question is painfully obvious.

     No one ever said I couldn't. So there. Nyah.


Katie Kintner, Editor

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