ASSOCIATES (vol. 8 no. 1, July 2001) -


The Editorial Board of Associates says THANK YOU, KENDALL.

Kendall, Editor-in-Chief, recently wrote to the board:

"Although I wasn't looking, an opportunity came up outside the library world that was too good to pass up, so I will be taking early retirement and becoming the Coordinator for the Computer Learning Center at Independence, Inc. a local non-profit working with people with disabilities. They need me to develop a major program including marketing and curriculum, as well as supervise the training staff and other more "normal" activities. I start this new position June 11th. As a result, I have to step down as editor-in-chief of Associates."

Kendall volunteered to be Editor-in-Chief of Associates for its founding issue 8 years ago. She has carved the path for the quality, direction, and substance of the publication. She has made a tremendous impact on the awareness and appreciation of library assistants/technicians throughout the world. We are all proud to be associated with Kendall. Thank you!

Kendall is a hard act to follow. It feels like Kendall has never left-she has had to do the cut-and-paste of the web page and the layout for this issue but I am responsible for the content.

Although I have worked with Kendall for the past 8 years as an editor, we have never met and it was only last week that I spoke with her for the first time. Some of you received the "test" message I sent during July … well, I received about 50 million messages that were being looped back to me again, and again, and again. "Help!" I said to Kendall. And once again, Kendall saved the day. Kendall said this was my initiation as Editor-in-Chief and that one day I will laugh at this.

I volunteered to become editor-in-chief because as one of the founding editors of Associates, I am committed to enriching support staff through our fine publication. I am excited to begin this new challenge and hope to continue the excellence that Kendall began 8 years ago.

This issue has our regular features and articles on current topics of interest. Readers may be interested in the articles by library assistants/technicians who attended recent library conferences. They reflect different aspects of the total conference experience.

Happy reading!

Please let me hear from you. You can email me at

Wendee Eyler

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