ASSOCIATES (vol. 10, no. 2, November 2003) -

From the Editor

Thank you and a regretful goodbye to Susan Salt, Events Editor and Editorial Board Member. Susan has served as Events Editor since the November 1998 issue. Many thanks for five years as Events Editor for ASSOCIATES.

Welcome to Bessie Mayes, Senior Cataloger and Cartographic Specialist, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego. Bessie has agreed to serve as the new Events Editor and also as a member of the ASSOCIATES Editorial Board. Bessie said, "I am honored to have been asked to participate on the board of Associates. I have been a subscriber to the newsletter for many years. I am familiar with all it offers in education, encouragement, and information. I look forward to working with everyone, as we promote the library profession as a group. It is my belief that all of us in the library profession must work together to overcome issues that, in the past, has divided us into camps. Due to the economy and funding problems, we must work as a team to address these issues." We are pleased to have you on board, Bessie!

Advertisements: yes or no? In the ASSOCIATES July 2003 (v. 10, no. 1), I asked subscribers if ASSOCIATES should run advertisements and press releases. The overwhelming response was NO. Effective with this issue, ASSOCIATES will not place advertisements or press releases. Occasionally I receive advertisements and press releases for products that may be of interest to ASSOCIATES readers. When this is the case, I will ask our regular reviewers or a colleague to give a product review for our readers. You will see a new heading in the Table of Contents for Product Review.

Check out the new Events/Calendar format. Plymouth Rocket, Inc. has graciously provided us with 1-year free subscription to use EventKeeper. For subscribers to the email version of ASSOCIATES, you will be sent printed pages of events through March 31, 2004 that will include a website address for the ASSOCIATES website Events/Calendar page. The new Events/Calendar at press time included 42 U.S. state library association annual conference dates, as well as conferences for Australia, British Columbia, and Quebec, in addition to several special library conferences. You may now inform ASSOCIATES (and our readers) of library conferences or other events at any time during the year. ASSOCIATES is particularly interested in paraprofessional conferences and events, but all library events that would be of interest to our readers are welcome, including local, state, national, and international events. Events may be added on the Events/Calendar page or sent directly to Bessie, Events Editor.

This issue continues Tinker Massey’s "Rainbow’s End," a serialized library mystery story. Chapters 2 and 3 are absorbing and leave the reader eager to see what will happen next. Chapter 1 is available to read in ASSOCIATES July 2003 (v. 10, no. 1). Readers are encouraged to contribute to the plot line for the next installment—contact Tinker. Carol Borzyskowski writes about the implementation of her library’s new Horizon Dynix ILS (Integrated Library System). Katie Buller Kintner writes somewhere in transit from Illinois to her new home. Michael Wood, a new contributor to ASSOCIATES, offers his personal opinions and research on unattended children in libraries. Michael Brooks reviews two websites: one for those looking for good deals on computers and computer equipment and the other on the NASA website that treats viewers to color photos of some aspect of the cosmos or our planet earth. Jean Turner Weiss reviews the 2004 Renaissance Library Calendar; and, Wendee Eyler reviews EventKeeper. Judith Andrew, Jim Jackson, and Judy Orahood contribute conference reports. Sylvia Skene reviews the video series "Africa in the 21st Century," and has also written a thoughtful and insightful Guest Editorial. Something for everyone.

Happy reading!

Wendee Eyler

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