ASSOCIATES (vol. 8 no. 3, March 2002) -

From the Editor

The March 2002 issue of ASSOCIATES reflects two changes since the November 2001 issue.

First, the ASSOCIATES web page look has been totally revamped. Although I only started to learn very basic html a few weeks ago, I decided to give ASSOCIATES a new look. The content remains very much the same, although for this issue I have not included the survey and a page with a few links to other library support staff web sites. I welcome your comments and suggestions about the ASSOCIATES web page. I also extend my thanks and appreciation to Joy Wanden, who designed the original web page that ran from 1998 until March 2002.

Second, Bob Farnsworth, Senior Library Technical Assistant, Serials Dept., at the University of North Florida Library, has resigned from the Editorial Board. Bob has been with Associates since its inception in July 1994. I will miss Bob and his wonderful sense of humor. However, ASSOCIATES is fortunate that the energetic Sylvia Skene has accepted membership on the board and has been appointed Review Editor. Sylvia is a Library Technician at the Advanced Education Media Acquisitions Centre, at Langara College Library, in Vancouver, BC. Welcome aboard, Sylvia!

On March 14, 2002, the ASSOCIATES web page moved from the server at the University of Kansas to the University of California, Riverside. You will need to change your bookmark for ASSOCIATES, but a referral is at the old web site so that you can simply click to get to the new site. Also, the listserv for the email version of ASSOCIATES and the notification of new issue on the website has also moved from Kansas to California. These changes should be smooth and seamless to you, but those unanticipated problems do crop up now and then. Please check this issue for new instructions on subscribing/unsubscribing.

I extend my warmest appreciation to Linda Owen and Jim Clark, both my colleagues in the Cataloging Department at the University of California, Riverside. Linda provided me with help and suggestions for quickly learning html for web pages. I am grateful that Jim and I could figure out together those mysterious things related to ftp, listservs, web sites, and html. Jim Clark has been appointed to Editorial Assistant for ASSOCIATES.

My gratitude to Kendall Simmons is beyond words. She has pitched in and helped me without complaint. You're the best, Kendall, and maybe next time you can just kick back and enjoy ASSOCIATES.

The March 2002 issue contains a diverse array of topics of interest to all library staff. The articles are on poets, volunteers, ghosts, income tax, searching difficult topics such as comprehensive plans, customer service, maps, work space, CLASS, paraprofessionals/professionals, library technology courses, and events that would interest library support staff through September 2003. A big "thank you" to all the contributors to ASSOCIATES.

Happy reading!

Wendee Eyler

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