ASSOCIATES (2010, November, v. 17, no. 2)

To and From the Editor



In this issue we have two articles relating to paraprofessional awards. The first written by Allison Sloan, winner of the 2010 LJ Paraprofessional of the Year award, conveys her thoughts and feelings about receiving the award. The second is a look at the major paraprofessional awards for the US, Canada and Australia. The US award is provided by the Library Journal, while the Canadian and Australian awards are provided by their library associations, Canadian Library Association and Australian Library and Information Association. There are also a number of awards offered by other groups and state based organisations.

The giving of an award is an acknowledgement by your peers, colleagues and in many cases your employers of your contribution to the profession, through the work you have done and participation in other profession related activities.

While there may be many nominations in any year the award committees can only select one winner. Being nominated, but not receiving the award does not preclude the person from being nominated in subsequent years. If the nominee continues their contribution to the profession then the nominator and referee reports can be updated and resubmitted.

Recognition of outstanding members of our profession, by nominating them for an award, is important for library support staff. These nominations could be for someone you work with or someone you have noticed within the wider library community.

Addition to the Editorial Team

I would like to welcome Julanne Hennessy to the Associates team as Assistant Editor. Julanne is a library technician working at the Reserve Bank of Australia based in Sydney. Julanne has already make a significant contribution to Associates with her work on this issue.

As can be seen from the Contents Page we have 18 columns, articles, reviews in this issue, which is a lot for Associates. We set a self imposed deadline of having the issue ready for publication before Thanksgiving. I would like to thank Jim Clark, for his work in having the webpages ready for publication before the deadline.

To the Editor

Since the publication of the last issue we received the following in response to Tinker’s article, ‘Transitioning into a New Era’.

Received from:
Shaunterria Owens
Library Assistant
Del Rosa Elementary, San Bernardino, CA

At my school-site the library has recently installed a flat-screen television with HDMI connectivity, so content from most laptops can be viewed on a larger screen.

Personally, I use plenty of web2.0 tools to keep the library collection and information current.

I keep staff, students, parents and the community at large abreast of library events by using Google calendar, a great way to share information about library class schedules and reading incentive programs.

I download book trailers from sites like TeacherTube and show them to my students, and I use blogs and websites like GoodReads to find information about new releases and what’s up-and-coming in children’s publishing.