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March 2008 (Vol. 14, no. 3)

To and From the Editors

From the Editor by Wendee Eyler

Editorial – Library Security by Jim Jackson
Public service staff are at risk for repercussions of library decisions by library users.


My View From The Back Room by Carol Borzyskowski
“23 Things On a Stick” is the Minnesota twist on a Library Learning 2.0 program available to staff and public on the library website. Carol is exploring the information and figuring out how to adopt new ideas in her library while having fun.

Bear Thoughts #8: Libraries: Culture’s Central Institution by Frank Exner, Little Bear
Libraries are culture’s central institution, and library staff are responsible for that center.

Library Life: A Column Of Eclectic Rantings by Katie Buller Kintner
Katie warms up describing her experiences in the winter weather of Wisconsin.


Your Job Description in 17 Words (More or Less)
How would YOU describe your library work–in 17 words, more or less?! The talented membership of LIBSUP-L exceeds the challenge.

What Happened after I wrote a Book about the Public Library by Don Borchert
The author of “Free for All: Oddballs, Geeks and Gangstas in the Public Library” writes about his experiences AFTER publication of his book.

Strategies for Public Libraries Regarding Challenged Books by Rita Dufresne
Frontline and public service staff must be aware of policies and strategies to respond to complaints from patrons who question the presence of material in the library collection.

Looking back by Gene Kinnaly
Gene looks back at his 34-year career at the Library of Congress before his retirement in March 2008.

A Writing Experience by Tinker Massey
Do you think you do not have anything to say or write about? Your routine work may be someone else’s revelation! You may find that you enjoy writing about your ideas, your library, and your innovative methods–and others want to know about it.

Are Library Paraprofessionals Treated Unethically? by Charles P. Millard
For a library school assignment, Charles researched and investigated the treatment of library assistants.

Be a Good Patient and You’ll Get a Lollipop, or How I Learned to Look Beyond Conventional Medicine and Found Acupuncture by Julia D. Ree
A library assistant in an academic library investigates alternative remedies for pain.


Sherry Kinjerski, Namao, Alberta, Canada
Meet Sherry who is a library technician at Sturgeon Composite High School at Namao, Alberta, Canada.

Carol Waggoner-Angleton, Augusta, Georgia
Carol is a Special Collections Assistant at Reese Library, Augusta State University in Augusta Georgia.


What is a [fill in the blank], Anyway? reviewed by Michael D. Brooks
What is a … blog? What is a … wiki? What is … an RSS feed? Michael reviews the Common Craft website than explains things in the simplest terms through short videos.

The Fiends of the Library reviewed by Manuel Urrizola
A review of the newly published book titled “Free for All: Oddballs, Geeks and Gangstas in the Public Library” written by Don Borchert, who is a library assistant at the Torrance Public Library in California.

Conference Report

2007 for Library Technicians in Australia by Kevin Dudeney
Kevin sums up the Australian Library & Information Association (ALIA) activities during 2007.

Mountains and Plains Parapro Conference by Judy Holtus
A brief summary of the free half-day conference on Educational Opportunities for Parapros.

Association/Conference Information

Sage Support Staff Travel Grants awarded
Six library support staff have been awarded a 2008 ALCTS/SAGE Library Support Staff Travel Grant to attend the American Library Association Conference to be held in Anaheim, California.