ASSOCIATES (2011, July, v. 18, no. 1)


In addition to your standard duties. What opportunities exist in your organization for you or other library support staff to contribute to the development of the library service?

Wilma Reeder
Serials Manager
Snowden Library, Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA.

– With a co-worker we coordinate a college-wide staff book club. We meet at least once a semester (sometimes more).

– I am the chair of our disaster planning team. Once a year besides assisting in reviewing our plan, I also organize a refresher event for our staff.

– I am part of a welcome committee for new staff at Lycoming College. We take turns delivering a little library-oriented welcome bag of goodies to new staff.

– I organize and mount a display each spring honoring the library student assistants that are graduating.

– I notify the honor students and collect their projects in both print and electronic format. I prepare the print to be sent to a bindery and I mount the electronic version on our website. Included in that sphere I will now be helping to implement a new digital student research repository.

– I am very active in the 25-member consortium to which our library belongs, the ACLCP (Associated College Libraries of Central Pennsylvania). I was just elected the chair of the Support Staff Committee. The two-year position heads a committee that organizes an annual program for the support staff of our consortium.

– I coordinate the Student Spotlight, during the academic year every 4-6 weeks we feature one of our student assistants on our web page.

РI regularly take digital photographs of our campus for the college’s weekly bulletin. (I e-mail the photos to the coordinator of the bulletin).

– We are thinking about adding more e-books and buying an e-reader. All staff has been included in testing different e-reader products.

– Two years ago when we were thinking of using a social network to reach the students all the staff were encouraged to use different social networks (i.e. Facebook) to see how effective it would be.

– When our reference librarians developed a scavenger hunt for our freshman orientation, the staff was asked to do the hunt first to work out the kinks.

– Whenever we have a trial database or other product all staff are ask for their opinion. (Often a committee is formed to review choices).

We are a small staff (nine full time and three part time employees) so we work together often to try to develop the best practices in our library.