ASSOCIATES (2008, March, v. 14, no. 3)


Your Job Description in 17 Words (More or Less)

I keep the library catalog happy!

Linda Divan
Library Systems Co-ordinator
Centennial Library
Cedarville University, OH

Cataloger with
A touch of the weird thrown in
Guess my specialty!

Julie Ree
Cataloging & Metadata Services Department
Science Library
University of California, Riverside

Publishers clamor
Ain’t no glamor
They apply, we comply
You can’t handle their heat?

By trucks and tubs and what-not
Books and books we’ve got
Paperless? Ridiculous!
If you want mod,

Exact dimension
Identify, quantify, classify
To follow a rule may not be cool
Persnickety am I

Gene Kinnaly – Program Specialist
Cataloging in Publication – Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.

I handle all of the lending end of interlibrary loan here at the University which consisted of 28,752 requests last year.

Marsha Santow
Waldo Library
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan

My job description should be 95% other duties!

Connie Basquez
Wichita State University

My day begins with ILL loaning
The copy machine is heard to be groaning.
ILL’s go out in the mail-
I file away my paper trail.

New items are checked in & received
Cataloging the same day is often perceived.
Customer service provided at check out
We’re the best there is no doubt!

Duplicate exchange is not to be neglected
To update the gaps where they are detected.
Throughout the day we answer the phone & troubleshoot
Our color printer can be a pain in the patoot!

The books, videos & journals all need weeding
And then its time for the monthly staff meeting!
I e-mail & network with other libraries in our state
And attend conferences to keep up to date.

GayLynn J Burchett
Systems Librarian
Avera McKennan Library-MKE
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I run the day-to-day operations for the Acquisitions Department. I key order records, select music cds, pay invoices, solve problems, & monitor the budget.

Kat Files
Beverly Hills Public Library
Acquisitions Dept.
Beverly Hills, California

I am a dependably there, researcher hand-holder, teacher, troubleshooter, co-webmaster, Jane-of-all trades, window dresser, and horticulturalist.

Carole Lohman, MIS
Reference Services
U.Va. Education Library
Charlottesville, Virginia

Money in, money out,
For me that’s what it’s about.
Cash registers to balance, invoices to pay,
That makes up most of my day.

Jan Griffin
Senior Administrative Specialist
Eugene Public Library
Eugene, Oregon

Cataloging DVDs and CDs so much fun
Books and journals too, are we done?
Don’t forget those loose-leafs
And we’ve got lots and lots of microfiche!

Linda Hearn
Technical Services
Professional Center Library for Law and Management
Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

One for the money (ha)
Two for the dough (ha ha)
Three departments and go go go…

Lori Wedig
Karrmann Library
University of Wisconsin, Platteville

Non fiction, research, Interlibrary loans, cataloging, paging lists, details, detective, book sales, customer service, desk, commode issues.

Jackie May
Interlibrary loans/Technical Services
Jefferson County Library District
Madras, Oregon

Be on time,
Answer questions at Periodicals and Reference service desks
Find the missing mystery journals.

Signe A. Evans
Thomas G. Carpenter Library
University of North Florida, Jacksonville

I’m a ‘real go-getter’: Reader Advisory Outreach Worker sending the library to those unable to access our materials.

Linda Pierro
Outreach Services
Finger Lakes Library System
Ithaca, New York

Make library resources findable.
Supervise and train as needed.
Find and fix TechProc problems.
Be living FAQ.

Tina Gunther, Cataloging Technician I
Biola University Library
La Mirada, California

Build and maintain my library’s catalog.
Contribute original metadata to WorldCat.
Manage serials checkin and binding.

Trina Pundurs
Water Resources Center Archives,
University of California, Berkeley

Reserves, time sheets, reference, moldy books, Quicken, databases, Camtasia, website, shifting: duties at a small academic library.

Jenny Vitti
Information Services Assistant
Trustee Library
Brenau University
Gainesville, Georgia

I am a friend indeed and a shoulder to cry on. You can lean on me.

Mantombi Nogaya
Library Assistant
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Catalog government documents, maps, thesis too.
Make the coffee, feed the students, and whatever else to do!

Nancy Anderson
LSA Sr./Technical services
David A. Cofrin Library CL404J
University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

Acquisitions Specialist
Special Formats, read: DVDs
Buying films for the college library.

Kimberly Gazzo
Ithaca College, New York

Maintain databases of serials holdings: print, bound, microfilm Investigate anomalies Anything else they can think of

Lori Rotterman
Serials Clerk
Dayton Metro Library

I am an Advisor, a Mover, Shaker, Provider, Director, Listener, Counselor, Confidante, Detective, Decision Maker, Guardian, Helper, Searcher and a Friend.

Mona E. Farrow
Unit Supervisor – Library Specialist II
Microforms Services Unit
Perry Library – Old Dominion University
Norfolk, Virginia

24 hours a week by computer and by phone
Retrieving books and media for InterLibrary Loan.

Allison daSilva
Senior Library Associate
Reading Public Library
Reading, Massachusetts

Put out fires
Back-up to all
Backed up by none
Mother of the library
Too many kids!

Beth Williams
North Hall Library
Mansfield University, Pennsylvania

Sending books and articles far and near; requesting also what our patrons need.
Supervising students; Interlibrary Loan!

Jo Ann Toussaint
Interlibrary Loan Assistant
O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library
University of St. Thomas
St. Paul, Minnesota

Answering, boxing, constructing, creating, entering, filing, finding, foldering, organizing, preserving, processing, researching, scanning, typing, writing

Shirley Soenksen
Library Technician II
University of Northern Colorado Libraries
Greeley, Colorado

Need an article,
A subscription or a book?
Come by and see me.

Christine Shearman
Fixed Income Research Center
Fidelity Investments
Merrimack, New Hampshire

Copy catalog, process, stamp, download, create records, barcode, make labels, and other duties as assigned!!

Tina Youngblood
Librarian I
Cataloging Services
Arkansas State Library
Little Rock, Arkansas

Work your fingers to the bone – whadda ya get?
( Whoo-whoo ) ordered, processed, & shelved books – new books.
My apologies to Hoyt Axton.

Renee M. Kilduski
Library of the Health Sciences – Peoria
University of Illinois Chicago
Peoria, Illinois

I work for corrections in the state of New South Wales.
My main job is to buy books for gaols (jails).

Kevin Dudeney
NSW Department of Corrective Services
Sydney, New South Wales

Serving the students and patrons in our library.

Carolyn W. Hatcher
Cape Fear Community College
LRC-Tech Services
Wilmington, North Carolina

General dogsbody
For the special collections and for archives.

Emilie Quast
University of Minnesota Libraries
Wilson Library
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Cataloger, classification, supervise, processing, circulation,
Reference, troubleshooter, sounding board, empathizer, trainer,
Hire, fire, problem solver, patron advocate.

Jinny Wesson
Library Coordinator
Technical Services/Cataloging
Renton Technical College
Renton, Washington

Hire, fire, schedule, rotate,
Train, troubleshoot, hurry-up and wait,
Listen, brainstorm, meet, greet,
Laugh, cry, Big Sighs

Kerry Mayotte
Circulation Supervisor
Lamar Soutter Library
UMASS Medical School
Worcester, Massachusetts

Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Malay:
These are the books that I catalog everyday.

Tamara Rising
Southeast Asian Project Cataloger
Cataloging and Metadata Services Dept.
University Libraries
University of California, Riverside

Maintain the net’
Keep baddies out
Soothe professors
Build systems from nothing
Inform librarians
Daily work miracles

Daniel Hoyte
Chapman University
Orange, California

Corralling and taming titles in the wild world of electronic resources.

Judith Ashworth
Libraries/Serials & Electronic Resources
Washington State University
Pullman, Washington

I am the keeper and loaner of new and antique “data” for several facilities.

Kay Everson

Is it a book, microform, electronic resource, digital image? I catalog it.
Oh–and I attend management team meetings!

Mary T. Kalnin
260 Suzzallo Library
University of Washington Libraries
Seattle, Washington

I’m the Acquisitions Assistant, backup to the Administrative Assistant, and the assistant to the Systems Librarian.

Michael Brooks
Saint Joseph’s University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I’m a linguist, office manager and engineer, diplomat, mind reader and physic and I’m a Librarian!

Jim Jackson ACLIP
Law Library Supervisor
C/O The Law Library
University of Exeter