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March 2012 (Vol. 18, no. 3)

From the Editor

Paralibrarian of the Year – The Library Journal’s Paralibrarian of the Year for 2012 is Linda Dahlquist, Reference Associate, Volusia County Public Library, Florida.

Congratulations Linda.

You can read Linda’s story at: http://lj.libraryjournal.com/2012/02/people/paralibrarian-of-the-year-2012-linda-dahlquist/

The New York State Library Assistants’ Association has received an official Legislative Resolution from the State of New York Assembly for Library Assistants’ Day to be held Thursday, April 12, 2012 in the State of New York.

If anyone would like a copy of the Legislative Resolution please let me know at associates@hotkey.net.au.


Be It Ever So Humble… by Sue Knoche
Trials and tribulations of library work.


What book are you currently reading or have just recently finished. Also, let us know if you are reading the book using an electronic device
Readers share their current reading material in both paper and electronic formats.

News from Canada by Karen Hildebrandt
Karen shares with us what is happening with the Canadian Library Association and lists the upcoming conferences.

Food for Thought–Visual Shelf Reading: One Library’s Process by Linda D. Lemery
An organized method of keeping the library books under control.

Nuggets of Wisdom by Tinker Massey
The absolutely essential role of communication in team building and workplace morale.

Associates Collaborate to Lead a Staff Meeting at Gordon Library, Worcester Polytechnic Institute by Jackie Mushinsky
Library Support Staff provide an excellent team building exercise in a staff meeting.

Working in an Old Library by Allison Sloan
There’s good and bad to old buildings.

What Your Library Skills are Worth on the Open Market by Vivian Walker
Hints for what to do when your library world slips out from under your feet.


Kim Barbato, Central Islip, New York
Kim is a library assistant at the Gould Law Library.

Megan O’Brien, Sydney, Australia
Megan is the Arts Services Team Coordinator working at the Fisher Library, University of Sydney.


Free eBooks without the eBook Reader. Really! by Michael D. Brooks
How and where to get ebooks for your computer.

Andy McDermott’s “Temple of the Gods” by Jim Jackson
A detailed review of a good action book.

Library Association/Conference Information

American Library Association Annual Conference – Transforming our Libraries, Ourselves, Anaheim, Ca, June 21 – 26, 2012

New York State Library Assistants’ Association Conference – Library Assistants: Keeping Libraries Afloat, Niagara Falls, NY, June 6-8, 2012

Massachusetts Library Association Annual Conference – Book to the Future, Worcester, Mass, May 9 & 10, 2012
The Paralibrarian section will be sponsoring five activities at the conference: Paralibrarian Inspirations, Advocate Awards, Children’s Authors, New Career Paths and Book Cart Drill Team Competition.

The CLA Conference in Ottawa from May 30–June 2

British Columbia Library Conference “Licensed to Read” May 10-12

Alberta Library Conference “iLibrary: Tag you’re it” April 26-29

Alberta Association of Library Technicians Conference “Achieving Balance” May 3-6

Saskatchewan Library Conference “Celebrating our Past, Embracing our Future” May 3-5

Manitoba Library Conference May 14-16

Ontario Library Technicians Association “Blazing New Trails” May 2-5

Atlantic Provinces Library Conference “Discovering Hidden Treasures” May 22-25