ASSOCIATES (2012, March, v. 18, no. 3)


News from Canada

Karen Hildebrandt
CLA Councilor-at-Large & Library Technicians
and Assistants Network Moderator

The Canadian Library Association (CLA) Executive Council met on 3-5 February. There is unanimous support across the country for CLA’s national advocacy role. CLA is gaining recognition as an authoritative voice on federal legislation and issues impacting libraries. There are currently two Bills before the Parliament; Bill C-11 on Copyright and Bill C- 321 on the Library Book Rate. CLA was asked to join the discussions for Bill C -11, consulted by MPs, and recognized by the federal government to advise on copyright. CLA was also invited by the Minister of Transport to appear at a press conference announcing the government’s support for Bill C – 321 and continues to work with members from all parties to ensure it passes.

CLA is increasingly contacted by media from around the country to comment on various issues including school libraries and intellectual freedom.

Our Membership is being rejuvenated. New Networks are forming and taking action. Committees are addressing key issues within the community. CLA’s 2012 conference will provide unique opportunities for advocacy, excellent programs, and a venue to connect with colleagues from across Canada.

Executive Council has had to make some tough decisions regarding finances. These decisions have ensured CLA has ended 2011 in a sound financial position and has a balanced budget for 2012.

Given these successes, and the recognition for the need to clarify CLA’s changing role, Executive Council drafted a new mission and is looking for membership input on this draft:

CLA is the national public voice for Canada’s library communities.

We champion library values and the value of libraries.
We influence public policy impacting libraries.
We inspire and support learning.
We collaborate to strengthen the library community.


Our National and Provincial Library Associations and Library Technician Interest Groups are busy planning their annual conferences.

The CLA Conference will be held in Ottawa, our nation’s capital, from May 30 – June 2. This should be a great conference with a lot of great sessions as well as networking opportunities. Being in the nation’s capital, we will have an opportunity to participate in an advocacy boot camp, as well, a planned advocacy opportunity in the afternoon on Parliament Hill.

As you can see from the following list, there is a lot of great professional development opportunities with the great sessions planned at the various provincial library association conferences.

British Columbia Library Conference “Licensed to Read” May 10-12.

Alberta Library Conference “iLibrary: Tag you’re it” April 26-29

Alberta Association of Library Technicians Conference “Achieving Balance” May 3-6

Saskatchewan Library Conference “Celebrating our Past, Embracing our Future” May 3-5

Manitoba Library Conference May 14-16

Ontario Library Conference (was held February 1-4)

Ontario Library Technicians Association “Blazing New Trails” May 2-5

Atlantic Provinces Library Conference “Discovering Hidden Treasures” May 22-25