ASSOCIATES (2012, July, v. 19, no. 1)


Just When You Think You’ve Seen it All

brooksm.jpgMichael D. Brooks
Saint Joseph’s University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

During the course of our hectic lives, we don’t always take the time to slow down and enjoy the little things that we would otherwise miss. In a world full of strife, stress, drama, and many things unpleasant, it’s a welcome relief when we encounter things that remind us that life can be so much more.

There is a website that brings us those things in life that many of us refer to as oddities. These are not the oddities that one would normally associate with a circus or sideshow, but are more in line with those things that are just not commonly seen by the average person like man-made islands, a lake in the center of a snow-capped dormant volcano, or a cityscape above the clouds. The site is called Odd Stuff Its tagline reads: “Home of Weird Pictures, Strange Facts, Bizarre News and Stuff.”

Though it would probably take someone a considerably long time to get through the site looking at all of the images, reading all of the articles, and viewing all of the videos, one page of amazing photographs is enough to spend a small part of, maybe your lunchtime, looking at. These images are simply stunning. I spent my time not only looking at the images, but also looking up resources describing the subjects in those images.

The Some Bizzare and Odd things around us… page is just one example of the many things the site has to offer. This one page features a group of beautiful photographs taken from all over the world of things that most of us will never get to see. Have you ever seen a river over a river? Neither have I, but seeing a picture of one comes pretty darn close.

There is a photograph of a man-made river flowing over top of a natural river. Actually, it’s the Magdeburg Water Bridge, which is part of an aqueduct that was built in Germany. Seeing a ship crossing over a natural river is interesting to view. Then there is the photo of an airport runway that crosses a multilane highway at the Gibraltar International Airport. Seeing a plane taxi down a runway while traffic is stopped like cars at a train crossing is a unique sight—even if it’s only in a picture.

If you like what you see and want to see more of what this site has to offer, simply click on the Big Picture, Bizarre News, Odd Stuff, Strange Facts, or Weird Pictures links at the top of each page or click on any tag to the right of the home page. You won’t get bored.