ASSOCIATES (2012, July, v. 19, no. 1)


Story in Six Words

Paralibrarians: a career choice for many. – Lori Salotto

Paralibrarians : essential partners in library’s future. – Allison Sloan

Proud to be a Paralibrarian. – Gerry Deyermond

I am Paralibrarian – hear me roar. – Gael Nappa

Library technicians keep libraries running everyday.
Libraries: masters of the information universe. – Sunita Sagade

Books for prison libraries I buy. – Editor

Story: oral, cuneiform, papyrus, Gutenberg, e-books.
Get healthy at your Medical Library.
Books are tasty: munch, slurp, burp.
Library. Freedom: quietly, strongly reigns here.
Bike to the library; stronger, smarter. – Andrea McElhenny

Library Assistants are on par with Librarians.

Providing best information on best practices. – Vivian Walker

Support staff knowledge keep libraries current. – Kathy Clevenger

Teaching Library Technicians is wonderfully rewarding.
Killing giants was Jack’s career choice. – Rob Thomson

Libraries: We’re Just a Page Away
We do it by the book
Libraries: Good to the last book!
Renew yourself at the Law Library!
Have you had your library today?
Libraries: Spread the Words:
Libraries: An Awarehouse for the mind
The shortest path from Q to A
The Library: A KNOWplace for KNOWbodies.
Open a book, open your mind. – P. Michael Bradshaw

Library Technicians, Hodgepodge Collectors of Knowledge. – Joan D. Harmon

Libraries: a whole world of ideas
Paralibrarian: my profession, passion, career choice! – Karen Horn

Library Assistants are heart of libraries. – Ruby Haider

Hard times? Libraries help, offer hope. – Lisa D. Bishop

Archives – History in an acid-free box.
Special Collections – Royalty of the library. – Malissa Davis

Library Services Assistants go the distance. – Lori Wedig

Our entire universe equals its libraries. – Helen

May the Library be with you. – Carol Mayer

Librarians: the Eternal Shield-Maidens of Truth. – Denny Ryan

Library technicians necessary for successful libraries. – Belinda Snapko

Provide the key to unlock resources.
Libraries: We find what you want ! – Jim Jackson

Access Services: service is our business
Paralibrarians: the backbone of any library – Debbie Clark

Cataloging makes chaos accessible to patrons. – Kate Culver

Summer Reading Program – plan, prepare, play. – Mary Lengel

E-resource management: We kid ourselves.
Serials can be chaotic, or . . . interesting. – Jeanette L. Skwor

Retired school librarian, now library technician. – Diann Cullen

Without my staff, I accomplish nothing. – June Power

I love books more than chocolate. – Jennifer James

Without library workers, libraries are without.
Library assistants are your library’s lifeblood.
We’re helpless without library assistants’ help.
Library assistants make libraries work better. – Peg Pelletier

Reading: one of life’s sweetest pleasures.
Libraries bring the whole community together.
Your haven, your gateway, your library. – Kyle Armour

22 years, 6 libraries, no MLS. – Trina Pundurs

Academic library is where I work,
Technical Services the place to be,
Ordering, claiming, processing, done by me,
Wouldn’t have it any other way,
Love my job every single day. – Kim Wallis

Library Associates help make libraries great.
We Library Associates make libraries great.
We Library Associates helps libraries operate. – JoAnne Hospedales

Handing out headphones, changing people’s lives.

At this year’s graduation, a student introduced me to his parents. When they asked what I did, I said I work the library service desk, the student jumped in and gave this description. I thought it was a hilarious description of what I do, by a person I serve. It encompasses it all, from the simplest to the impact we can have if we pay attention to the people we serve. – Jean J. Hearns

Personal troubles spoken escape found! Books. – Laura Schmidt

Libraries: We bridge the digital divide!
I think I read this somewhere…. – Valerie Magno

Lycoming College Institutional Repository preserving prosperity. – Wilma Reeder

I help others enter parallel universes. – Monika Heisswold

To the patrons, I am librarian. – Joan Neslund

Library Assistants help libraries run efficiently. – Carol A Reppard

(Forget the para…)
I’m a library and information professional. – Susan Courtland

Libraries encourage lifelong learning through books/media.
Support Staff the backbone of libraries. – Sue Knoche

Library technician:
And all other duties as required. – Christine Roberts