ASSOCIATES (2013, March, v. 19, no. 3)

Library Conferences/Associations

LIBSUP-L – Allison Sloan

Last issue I wrote about Living Online through virtual meetings, distance education software, skype and more. Today I’d like to continue the discussion by encouraging you to join and participate in online discussion groups. I know we have to pick and choose, but here are a few groups focused on paralibrarian issues, that you might want to check into.

Paralibrarians in the US chat and share information via LIBSUP-L, a listserve maintained by Martha Parsons out of Washington State University. To subscribe, just send a blank email to:

The first LIBSUP-L topic that drew my attention was about what nomer we call ourselves? Over the years non-MLS degreed library staff has been referred to as Library Technicians; Library Associates; Support Staff, Paraprofessionals; Sub-professionals; Non-professionals, and my favorite, Paralibrarians. What are the paralibrarians in your library called? Log on to a discussion list to hear different points of view and find links to topics of interest.

Massachusetts paralibrarians have several ways to keep in touch and share information:
Twitter: MLAParas

Lots of ways to get into the discussion, so let’s join in and let them know what Paralibrarians are thinking about.