ASSOCIATES (2013, March, v. 19, no. 3)

Library Conferences/Associations

LSSIRT Committee – Kareen Turner

Looking for support staff who would like to become more active in the Library Support Staff Interests Roundtable and can commit time (2-3 years +) and travel to ALA Mid-Winter in January and ALA Annual in June. There are currently no travel stipends. Please contact any LSSIRT Steering Committee member if interested,
or Trish Palluck, Past President, Nominations Committee Chair

Looking for candidates

Vice President:
The Vice President shall serve for the first year after election as Vice President, the second year as President, and the third year as immediate past-President. The Vice President shall perform such other duties as the Steering Committee may assign to this office. In the event of the absence, disability, death or resignation of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President. All officers and members of the Steering Committee shall assume office at the close of the first Annual Conference after election, and serve until the adjournment of the Annual Conference in the year in which their term ends. Part of the Vice President/President-Elect of LSSIRT duties include appointing a Nominating Committee of not fewer than three members of LSSIRT, with the Immediate Past President or designee serving as Chairperson.

And 3 Members at large (Members-at-large of the Steering Committee shall be elected for three year terms; one-third of the members-at-large elected each year.)

Part of their duties may include being The Membership Chair who will serve as the LSSIRT representative to the Membership Committee and possibly as the LSSIRT representative to the Pay Equity Committee.