ASSOCIATES (2013, November, v. 20, no. 2)


Be It Ever So Humble…

Sue Knoche
Medical Library Assistant
ETSU Quillen College of Medicine Library, Johnson City, TN

A new hairdo can certainly do a lot for a girl…. Isn’t that a better beginning than the one I could have used, which would have included gruesome details of my recent physical trials and tribulations? Suffice it to say that next time a surgeon uses the words “minor outpatient surgery,” I will be prepared for something that is not so simple. Now in my senior years the healing process is more complex than years ago and although the worst may be over it will be a long time before it is totally healed and just a painful memory. In situations such as this I think one can find out how capable we all are in taking care of ourselves when we are down – especially with no one else at home to help. I was extremely fortunate because it could have developed into a more severe condition requiring more surgery or becoming a complex debilitating situation if I had waited longer to seek medical help. Certainly I am not the best patient in the world, as evidenced by all the tears shed, frustration of not being able to find a comfortable position, high levels of pain and being too silly to take pain medicine, the frustration in changing the bandage daily and, worst of all, feeling very sorry for myself.

I had a lot of time sitting in the recliner watching television, napping and occasionally surfing the internet, and I didn’t have much energy or enthusiasm. I came across some uplifting quotes to cheer me up, and although I know we have many books in the library on quotations; unless you search for them or see one on a signature line of an e-mail most of these philosophic quotes may go un-noticed. So, I decided to share a few that appealed to me because they illustrate a realistic approach to life or just plain old common sense.