ASSOCIATES (2013, November, v. 20, no. 2)


Library 2.013 Worldwide Virtual Conference Oct 18-19

Julanna Hennessy
Library Technician
Reserve Bank of Australia

This international conference was held online and ran all day and night to enable people from all time zones to attend. As in previous years the conference was free and organised via the Library 2.0 site and used Blackboard Collaborate software.

This year the whole conference was on the weekend in my time zone so I didn’t end up taking time off work, I just stayed home obsessing instead. Everyone else went out to leave me in peace.

All the sessions have been recorded and can be viewed here: so you can still get part of the experience, and I can catch up on the sessions that weren’t on at a good time for me. The very good part of doing the conference live is that you can participate in the chat area where the viewers can talk without interrupting the flow of the presentation, something you really can’t do in a face to face conference. When you view the conference recordings afterward you can simply close the session if it isn’t what you wanted to see without having to worry about making the presenter feel bad as you walk out of the session.

I feel as if the conference has taken a new turn this year with less of the “I have a new application and this is how I use it” to a lot more of the ideas and problem solving areas.

I needed to report back to my workplace about the conference so I kept a word document with the details of the sessions I attended and I’d drop comments in for each session. It only took a few words for each session to make it easy to remember enough details when I sat down in the work meeting.

Generally, everything ran smooth, the sound quality was good enough and the visuals were fine.

I enjoyed doing the conference at home for a couple of reasons – I was very comfortable, far more than I would have been at work, and I could stand up and walk around while I was listening, just popping back to the computer to check new slides as they were put up. After hours and hours of conference I wasn’t stiff or tired.

Highlights for me were:

The incredibly beautiful keynote presentation by Gene Tan, Director of the National Library of Singapore, covering the “Moving Singaporeans: the Singapore Memory Project”. I want to go there! I want something as beautiful and with as much feeling in Sydney!

Watching the presentation by Jan Holmquist about the “23mobilethings”, a program I’m still working my way through. I will finish it and I’ve even spent time this weekend working out Google Hangouts, something that I haven’t found very intuitive at all. But I will finish it!

And the closing keynote by Jocelyn Cranefield – “New Knowledge Brokers: The Invisible Influence” which made me feel as if someone had finally seen and appreciated what I do.

Everything I watched was wonderful and there was the added benefit that a lot of people ended up in the same sessions. We became a temporary international community sharing interests and enjoying each other’s company, chatting while the presentations proceeded.

Once again I recommend watching the recorded session and everyone should attend the conference next year.