ASSOCIATES (2014, March, v. 20, no. 3)


News from Canada

Karen Hildebrandt
1st VP/President-Elect
Library Association of Alberta (LAA)

As I change hats from serving on the CLA Executive Council to 1st VP/President-Elect for the Library Association of Alberta (LAA) and prepare to take on the role of President at the end of April, I have the privilege of being one of LAA’s representatives (along with our President and Executive Director) at the Partnership Meetings. I thought I would take this time to tell you about The Partnership and the work that is being done by this group that has a big impact across Canada.

The Partnership is Canada’s national network of provincial and territorial library associations. Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Executive Directors from the provincial and territorial library associations are the board members.

The following associations are The Partnership:

Library Association of Alberta (LAA)
Atlantic Provinces Library Association (APLA)
British Columbia Library Association (BCLA)
Manitoba Library Association (MLA)
Newfoundland and Labrador Library Association (NLLA)
Northwest Territories Library Association (NTLA)
Nova Scotia Library Association (NSLA)
Nunavut Library Association (NLA)
Ontario Library Association (OLA)
Québec Library Association / L’Association des bibliothécaires du Québec (ABQLQ)
Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA)
Yukon Library Association (YLA)

The Partnership meets twice a year to collaboratively develop services and programs for members of their respective associations. One of the principles is to help generate revenue for the associations. Some associations are the administrative host for certain services and projects:

OLA hosts the Education Institute and the two annual Partnership meetings.
BCLA hosts The Partnership Job Board.
LAA leads the Continuing Education Certification Program.

The annual winter retreat of The Partnership was held on January 28-29 at the OLA offices in Toronto. Attendance at the meeting also included OLA sponsored registrations to the OLA Super Conference following the retreat for those that could stay and attend the conference. Unfortunately I had other prior commitments so I couldn’t stay for the conference. I’m hoping I will have the opportunity next year.
Partnership Business:

Continuing Education Certificate Program was launched in June 2013. This program offers all Canadian librarians, technicians and workers the opportunity to invest in their career development through a formal program to plan, document and report their professional development and learning activities. This program is overseen by LAA.

Education Institute is a continuing education program for library information workers developed by The Partnership. The program offers one-hour webinars and 4-6 week online courses for libraries in the public, academic (college & universities), school (elementary & secondary) and special libraries sectors. Provincial and Territorial Library Associations receive monetary compensation for each registrant from their particular organization on a quarterly basis.

The Education Institute offers an information portal for professional development events for all library organizations across Canada. This program is overseen by OLA.

Job Board lists positions available to library and information personnel from coast to coast. The Job Board is being hosted by BCLA.

Revenue Opportunity/Merchandising is supported via the OLA Store. Some merchandise can be marketed and possibly revenue generating for The Partnership members.

Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research is published twice a year. Articles are published in several categories. In-depth feature articles on theory & research and innovations in practice, peer-reviewed papers that typically fall in the range of 3,000 to 7,000 words. Other types of articles accepted include viewpoints, conference presentations, profiles, news & announcements, professional development and reviews. Although the journal is not a big revenue generator for the Partnership, there is recognition of its value to the profession in Canada.