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November 2014 (Vol. 21, no. 2)

From the Editor

It is with very great sadness I advise our readers of the passing of Wendee Eyler, the previous Editor of Associates, on the 6th September 2014. Wendee’s contribution over many years ensured that library support staff in both the US and internationally had access to interesting, up to date information about the profession and also a forum to contribute articles, share experiences and generally expand their networks.

As another year draws to a close I would like to thank the many people who have contributed to Associates for 2014, Sue for her columns, Michael for his reviews, Allison and Karen for their articles, the Spotlights, our other contributors and our readers who respond to the questions. I specifically like to thank Jim Clark for his work on the webpage and Assistant Editor Julanna Hennessy.

I would like to wish all our readers a merry Christmas and happy Holiday Season and New Year.

In Memoriam: Wendee Eyler

Wendee and I by Jim Clark

A Tribute to Wendee Eyler by Nancy Douglas

Memories of Wendee Eyler by Jim Jackson

Wendee by Bessie Myers

Michael D. Brooks


Be It Ever So Humble … by Sue Knoche
Sue reflects on why things happen as they do and her reactions.


Reader Response
What book/s are you currently reading?

Library 2.014 Conference by Julanna Hennessy
Julanna gives us the details of this online international conference and very modern way of participating.

News from Canada by Karen Hildebrandt
October was Canadian Library Month and Karen tells us about of some of the activities that occurred.

I Wanted To Share a “Library” Moment That Touched My Heart by Douglas Morrison
Douglas posted this on an elist recently and has agreed for it to be published here.

Paralibrarian Certification Catches On by Allison Sloan
Many library support staff will benefit from Paralibrarian Certification in their state.


Joan Neslund, Ellensburg, WA – Reference, Ellensburg Public Library.

Bonnie Sakow, Newburgh, NY – Library Assistant, Newburgh Free Library.

Yvette Williams, Washington, DC – Senior Library Technician, Library of Congress.


Firefox Browser Add-on for Multi-level Tabs by Michael D. Brooks
Michael provides us with a different Review for this issue.