ASSOCIATES (2009, March, v. 15, no. 3)


Library Support Staff Blogs: Part II

brooksm.jpgReview by
Michael D. Brooks
Saint Joseph’s University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In the previous issue of Associates <>, I lamented the woefully small number of blogs by, about, or for library support staff, and asked that anyone with a blog, or that knows of one contact me.

Well, I am pleased to report that I have a Blogroll linking the following blogs:


Aus Library Technician

Circulating Zen

Journey of a Kitten

Library Technician

Library Technicians–Blogs, Pictures, and more on WordPress

Library Technicians


LibTech Life

Nova Scotia Association of Library Technicians

PLS Member Library Assistants

Typo of the day for librarians

Writer’s Scratchpad

As with the list in my earlier review, some of these blogs haven’t been updated in a while. Others are regularly updated; others are updated irregularly. Not all of them are dedicated solely to library work, but all make interesting reading. Enjoy.

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