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November 2017 (Vol. 24, no. 2)

From the Editor

In September, three of our contributors, Sue, Allison and Karen, attended the Library Technician Symposium held in Sydney Australia. You can read what each one of them thought about their experiences of the Symposium and of Australia.

As 2017 is drawing to a close I would like to thank our regular writers, Sue Knoche, Allison Sloan, Karen Hildebrandt, Michael Brooks, Jim Jackson and our other contributors.

I would like to say a special thank you to Jim Clark, who looks after the webpage. Without Jim Associates would not exist.

To all our readers I would like to wish you a merry Festive season and a happy New Year and all the best for 2018.


Be It Ever So Humble … by Sue Knoche
Over many issues Sue has shared many of her travel experiences. This one is memorable.


Reader Response
‘A library support staff/technician and a librarian walk into a bar … ‘
Thanks to Allison for the idea.

News from Canada by Karen Hildebrandt
Karen makes the suggestion of a ‘professional bucket list’ and how she ticked off one item.

In Praise of Public Libraries Wherever They May Be by Gene Kinnaly
Gene reflects upon his 34 years working in a library and how public libraries have been a significant part of his life.

Australia’s Treasure: Library Technicians by Allison Sloan
Allison is a good advocate for paralibrarians in the US. In this article she makes a comparison with their equivalent in another country.


The Library Guardians by Jim Jackson
Read the latest adventures of Kelly Bourne.


Tirzah Islip, South Australia – Library Assistant, University of Adelaide.


Science and Technology Explained without the Mumbo Jumbo by Michael D. Brooks
Michael reviews an online resource for those interested in all things science.