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ISSN 1077-6613

July 2020 (Vol. 27, no. 1)

From the Editor

Not surprisingly this issue focuses on what we are all forced to focus on COVID-19. It provides insights into a variety of different ways libraries are adapting to the current new normal.


Reader Response
The medical, social and economic crisis of Covid 19 is unprecedented. What plans, procedures and policies are your libraries and institutions implementing in response to this global pandemic.
We only had three responses and from them we see how two public libraries and a school library are coping with the pandemic. They explain how they utilise existing services to provide to assistance to their users regarding the use of new technology.

News from Canada by Andrew Plait
Andrew talks about how his library is coping with Covid-19. He also provides a number of links relating to libraries across Canada and how they are coping with the pandemic.

Building Community by Allison Sloan
Many of you might remember in the last issue Allison wrote about her cruise of the Panama Canal. On her return Allison caught up with family and took care of some other things. Then she received the phone call don’t come to work …


Erica Mayhew – Richmond Hill Public Library, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.


COVID-19 Pandemic Resources by Michael D. Brooks
Michael provides us with links to a number of countries and their strategies of how to cope with Covid-19. As well as, how some US universities and other organisations are coping.