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July 2009 (Vol. 16, no. 1)

To and From the Editors

From the Editor by Kevin Dudeney


My View From The Back Room by Carol Borzyskowski
Public support for the library is high.


How has the Global Financial Crisis affected your library and services you provide?
The GFC is impacting on libraries in some similar and different ways. Support staff from different countries let us know its effects.

Safety, Security and Common Sense: Staying Safe on Campus by Jill M. Baker
Jill shares with us some helpful hints about being safe in our workplaces.

Greetings from Canada by Karen Hildebrandt
An overview of the latest professional development activities from Canada.

The Writing Process by Tinker Massey
Have you ever had the desire to write a book? Tinker describes the process for her recent publication.

Importance of Local History by Shirley Mortara
Shirley discusses the role the public library has in contributing to the preservation of local history.

Wikis: Tools for Success by Joyce Vermillion
Wikis as a staff resource Joyce shows us how.


Janette Telford, New South Wales
Janette is the loans coordinator at the Australian Catholic University, MacKillop Campus, North Sydney, New South Wales.

Allison Sloan daSilva, Reading, Massachusetts
Allsion is a Senior Library Assistant at Reading Public Library, Reading, Massachusetts and an active member of the Massachusetts Library Association (MLA) Paralibrarian Section.


Book reviews by Gemma Siemensma
Gemma provides reviews of five books, three with a library related theme and two that are normal.

If You Keep Doing that, Your Face will Stay that Way by Michael D. Brooks
Michael reviews a website where everyone can practice their creative skills.

Association/Conference Information

Branch Out – Minnesota / Technology Technique Unique – Adelaide, South Australia

The CILIP Umbrella conference at University of Hertfordshire – Hatfield 14th –15th July 2009 by Jim Jackson