ASSOCIATES (2009, July, v. 16, no. 1)


How has the Global Financial Crisis affected your library and services you provide?

I know shortly down the road that it will affect the amount of taxes we take in. Property taxes is what our budget is made of. With people not being able to afford to pay their taxes, our book and a/v budgets will drop but as of right now, circulation stats are up because our services are free. And the public is loving it!

Jamie Melson
Central Arkansas Library System/Tech. Services

Academic libraries in Wisconsin are having to do belt tightening measures.
All University staff including library workers are facing furloughs of 16 days over the next two years.
Our share of health care premiums will increase, as well as a contribution to the pension fund.

Nancy Anderson
LSA Sr./Technical services
David A. Cofrin Library CL404J
University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

Our hours have decreased and open positions are put through the wringer to determine if they will be filled or not. More work, fewer people!

Beth Williams
North Hall Library
Mansfield University

Here in Liverpool in the UK three libraries are getting their evening opening times cut for 3 days of the week, no longer will they open late during the week.

Wirral Libraries have tried to close 11 libraries, almost half of the libraries they have, but the Culture Secretary stepped in, halted the closures, and started an inquiry which is currently going on now.

Gareth Osler
Library Assistant
Liverpool Libraries

Our budget has been cut by between 1/3 and 2/3 this year. Staffing has not been cut, so we are striving to maintain services and find creative ways to stretch our dollars such as buy on special and make more use of online resources.

Chris Roberts
Nambour Christian College

I thought it would have a greater impact than it did. Instead our hours were reduced from 40 p.w. to 38 p.w., however, our wages stayed the same. I am wondering if this will become leverage when our annual review comes around or am I just suspicious.

Martina Munn,
A law libray in South Australia

I worked as a Library Tech Asst. for a corporate library for almost 11 years. They closed the library due to budget cuts and I have been out of work for 2-1/2 years now. There just are not a lot of openings in the library field, and those openings that are posted have an incredible amount of respondents. On one job I interviewed for, the interviewer told me they received over 300 responses to that one job posting.

I currently am looking for work in a library or archive in Chicago. Right now, I volunteer one day a week at an archive. I am starting to look outside the library field as well.

Kathi Gormley

Le Moyne College didn’t give anyone a cost of living raise due to the Global Financial Crisis. Despite the decline of resources the library was able to extend hours for the finals week and remain open 24 hours a day. The new President made this possible allowing us to have a graduate student and a reference student assistant working the early morning hours. The budget was used effectively with money being taken from one pot and put in another so shortages were covered including attending conferences and workshops.

John E. Butcher
Circ Services Sup/Ref Assistant
Noreen Reale Falcone Library
Le Moyne College
Syracuse, NY 13214

Concordia University College of Alberta (CUCA) is a small independent university college. Since the global financial crisis began, we have been hit with much higher than anticipated exchange rate on items purchased in the U.S.A., which has negatively affected our acquisitions. Fortunately we haven’t had to reduce any of our hours or services for the coming academic year.

Karen Hildebrandt
Circulation Services Coordinator
Concordia University College of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada