ASSOCIATES (2009, November, v. 16, no. 2)


What is your favorite, web 1.0 or web 2.0, website and why?

This would have to be SCIS (School Catalogue Information System)!

It helps with our cataloguing, and now provides us with covers for books too. Great value for money.

Chris Roberts
Nambour Christian College

My favorite website is the OED’s because I enjoy words and find myself looking them up constantly.

Andrea McElhenny
NVCC, Medical Campus
Springfield, VA

My favourite website for social networking is.. you guessed it….. Facebook.

It has allowed me to get to know most of my nieces living in New Zealand and for them to get to know their Aunt. It has been excellent for this.

My two other favourites are the New Zealand Herald ( and the Sydney Morning Herald ( as they keep me up to date on the news, I cannot seperate these three sites.

Shirley Mortara
Branch Assistant
Auburn Public Library

My favorite site is called The Barry Bunch. It’s an online fan club for my favorite actor: Barry Van Dyke (son of Dick Van Dyke (Mary Poppins, etc.). We are some 180 strong. It’s based in Belgium and we have infrequent contact with Barry.

The main URL is:

We have discussions about his work, what is known as fanfiction, and generally a good time. Non-members can look around but generally not post.

Mary T. Kalnin
University of Washington Libraries
Seattle WA

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Beautiful pics, digestible info on astronomy with lots of links for chasing further details, great for getting kids involved with science, and a constant (coz I check it out every day – it’s the page my browser opens in) that we live in a beautiful universe that is also so ginormously huge that all my problems are put firmly in perspective. The one token bit of web 2.0 is the link to ‘digg it’.


Fantastic Fiction

Gareth Osler
Library Assistant
Liverpool Libraries

I use Delicious everyday. It is the Worlds largest social bookmarking site. Library people get sent so many great links that it is easy to have bookmarked sites on several computers and Delicious means I can check a site and add it to my Delicious account with tags that I have generated. I can now quickly find a site in a hurry. For example a teacher asks for maths interactive sites and I can get to a list of them in 2 clicks…magic. I only have a couple of hundred bookmarked sites so far but I love to visit other Delicious lists eg Yarra Plenty Regional Library has a useful Delicious list and there are loads of other collections to make it easy to get to the good stuff on the web (by letting someone else do the hours of searching for you!)

Linda Jowsey

My first website would be because it answers many questions about the organization…even mine as Membership Secretary for the organization.

My other favourite website is which is an online pedometer which will help you pick a route and give you distances for walking. It is also handy to look more closely at a particular area when traveling.

Donna Hanna
SUNY Geneseo
Milne Library
Geneseo, NY