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November 2007 (Vol. 14, no. 2)

To and From the Editors

From the Editor


Library 2.0: My View From The Back Room by Carol Borzyskowski
Blogs, RSS feeds, tagging, tag clouds, Del.icio.us, Facebook–these are new technical terms and author explains how to adapt to this new technology.

Bear Thoughts #7: Assumptions Underlying Library Work — II by Frank Exner, Little Bear
A continuation of last issue’s column about assumptions; this column focuses on assumptions about services and programs, management, and patrons.

Library Life: A Column Of Eclectic Rantings by Katie Kintner
For the last three years, the author has been involved in an activity known as “ghost investigation.” The latest “ghost walk” resulted in some unpredictable, fantastic activities.


Cafes in Libraries
Eleven library staff answered the call on LIBSUP-L listserv to tell about coffee shops, cafes, or snacking areas in their own libraries. What do library staff think about this new trend?

Preparing for the Holidays by C. Leslie Charles
The holiday season is a time celebration and family gathering; the author gives advice on managing the stress of family gatherings, some thoughts on gifts and giving, and ways to deal with handling loss.

Cookbook of Life by Sara Croft
Cookbooks not only give recipes but often tell a story about the life of the cook.

Committee Participation: Voluntary Insanity? by Charlie Fox
Should support staff take on the task of voluntary committee work? The author explains why.

Staff Development Ideas to Improve Quality of Job Performance and Satisfaction by Anthony Holderied
Staff development can greatly contribute to higher job satisfaction within the organization, not just personal productivity.

My Favourite Libraries by Jim Jackson
The author recently visited the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and the British Library, London.

Cardboard and Gray Matter! by Tinker Massey
Boxes and packing materials can accumulate in libraries. One library has fun with them!

The Witch Fire of 2007 by Bessie Mayes
The recent 2007 Southern California fires were devastating. This is a first-person account of the Witch fire.

Just a Note of Thanks by Gregory Stokes, II
A library patron gives his perspective of using the library.


Annie Get Your Gumption by Michael D. Brooks
Ann Dougherty, who truly cares about what she does, the people she encounters, and the impact her work will have on them, is interviewed.


This is a new, continuing feature of interviews with library staff. Meet Kerrie Blyth from Tasmania and Suzanne Sager from Oregon.

Kerrie Blyth, Burnie, Tasmania

Suzanne L. Sager, Portland, Oregon


Typing with an Injury made Easy reviewed by Michael D. Brooks
Review of “Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9,” a voice recognition program.

Renaissance Library Calendar 2008 reviewed by Jean Turner Weiss
A review of the 2008 Renaissance Library Calendar, published by ISIM.

Conference Report

COLT and ALA conferences: a personal perspective by Kevin Dudeney
A library technician from Sydney, New South Wales gives his view of the American COLT and ALA library conferences held in June 2007.

Association/Conference Information

Sage Library Support Staff Travel Grants – November 30, 2007 deadline
The deadline is November 30, 2007. Library paraprofessionals in technical services are eligible to apply for the award to attend the 2008 ALA Annual Conference, Anaheim, California, June 26-July 2, 2008.