ASSOCIATES (2009, November, v. 16, no. 2)

From the Editor

As you will be able to see below there have been some changes that may necessitate changing how we do some things at Associates. Hopefully, these changes will have minimum impact on our readers.

We welcome Sue Knoche as a new columnist. You will be able to find out more about Sue as she is featured in our spotlight section. Sue along with our regular columnists provide some personal insight to their lives, real and library. Jim Jackson discusses an issue of concern. Some readers might like let us know what you think. Plus we have contributions from our regular and first time writers.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.


Joy Wanden
Joy has retired from her work at OCLC Western and is also retiring from the Associates Editorial Board. Joy has been with Associates from the beginning in 1993 and has continued to be active and supportive. Joy designed the “quill pen” format when Associates launched the first web version in July 1998.

Wendee Eyler
Wendee will retire from the University of California, Riverside on December 10, 2009 and is also retiring from Associates activities. Wendee was one of the founding editors of Associates in 1993; she was Editor from July 2001 to March 2009.

On behalf of the Editorial Board, authors and everyone who has been involved with Associates since the beginning, I would like to thank Joy and Wendee for their contribution, providing a journal specifically for Library Support Staff and encouraging contributions from many people over the years.

Editorial Board
With Joy’s retirement there is a vacancy on the Editorial Board. The voluntary Editorial Board consists of seven people who advise the Editor on policy matters, contribute to Associates, and may be called upon to review and edit contributed articles.

If any reader would like to be considered to fill the vacancy on the Editorial Board or would like further information regarding the role, would you please contact the Editor at

listserve Associates
One of Wendee’s jobs with Associates is to administer the ‘listserve Associates’. Subscribers to this elist received individual emails containing the text contents of each issue. At this stage we are not sure, whether this elist will be maintained. We will be advising all list members once the situation has become clearer.

Associates in PDF Format
Some readers contacted me about receiving Associates in PDF format. As I can’t find your email addresses would you please contact me again.

Kevin Dudeney
Editor, Associates