ASSOCIATES (2007, November, v. 14, no. 2)

From the Editor

The Associates website has a new layout and format! The new logo contains a picture of Earth’s continents and oceans, compliments of NASA. You can see the original photograph on the NASA website at The world’s continents show that Associates is an international publication with contributors and subscribers from all over the world.

My compliments and appreciation to Jim Clark, Assistant Editor, for making the new web design possible. I also thank Dana Morita, University of California, Riverside, Systems Department, for her advice and assistance in developing the web format.

One suggestion from the March 2007 issue was to allow articles to open in new windows. I had planned to do so for the November 2007 issue, but have not done so yet. Because of the new web design, web readers can use the back arrow key and click on the sidebar captions to return to the Table of Contents or navigate the Associates website. Please tell me if this is sufficient and convenient for web readers.

Wayne Jones, Queen’s University Library, Kingston, Ontario, recommended that Associates consider an RSS feed for a subscription alternative. An RSS feed is an excellent idea, particularly because the email system of many subscribers automatically reject bulk email or html formats, or their libraries may only allow staff to subscribe to a limited number of lists. The old Associates website was designed in 2001 and technology has changed dramatically since that time, including new innovations, such as RSS feeds. I decided to create a new web design that would accommodate new technology. That proved to be time-consuming. We simply ran out of time and weren’t able to add other features before publication. If you are interested in subscribing to an RSS feed, check the Associates homepage at from time-to-time. During the next few months, Associates will begin an RSS feed option–with instructions on how to create your own RSS feed site on the web.

A new feature has been added to Associates–called SPOTLIGHT. “Spotlight” will be a continuing feature of interviews with library staff. Each issue will highlight two individual library staff from anywhere in the world. Library Mosaics readers will notice the exact questions were used in the “Supporting Cast” feature–and I’m proud to continue the Library Mosaics tradition. To nominate library staff to spotlight, please contact me.

EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS: Most articles are sent via “plain text” email that lack photos, font changes, color, etc. Beginning this mailing, the web address for the article has been placed in the upper left corner in the body of the email. This will help you to click on or to copy/paste the address to navigate directly to the web page.

27 contributors and authors to this issue

217 new subscribers since July 2007

730 email subscribers as of November 2007

989 web notification subscribers as of November 2007

1 known subscriber wanting RSS feed

This issue is guaranteed to have many articles that will interest library staff. My thanks to all contributors, authors, subscribers, and readers for your support of Associates.

Happy reading!

Wendee Eyler
Editor and Publisher
University of California, Riverside