ASSOCIATES (2010, March, v. 16, no. 3)

To and From the Editor

From the Editor

This issue our writers cover a wide range of topics from the gathering of information in the earliest of times to assessing relevant information using the latest technology, interacting with different user groups and with staff, plus a lot more.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Editorial Board

It is with pleasure that I welcome Allison Sloan DaSilva as the new member of the Associates Editorial Board. Allison is a Senior Library Associate, Reading Public Library, Reading, Massachusetts and I look forward to her participation in Associates.

It is also pleasing to congratulate Allison on being awarded Library Journal Paraprofessional of the Year for 2010. You can read about Allison’s achievement at The award will be presented at a special function in Washington D.C. at the same time as the ALA Conference.

To the Editor

Kevin Warner has written to ask if ISBN and publishing details can be included with Gemma’s book reviews, to help readers look for the books themselves.

Editor: Gemma will include ISBN’s and publishing information with her reviews.

R. Kemp:

‘I had an idea for the possibility of Associates continuing as an e-list. Have you thought of contacting one of the Library Tech programs and seeing if they could host the list? Here in California there is a particularly active on-line program at Cuesta College. Also, what about ALA? Their support staff section is not good and they might be able to provide server room with the incentive of reaching out to support staff.’

Editor: Currently and for the foreseeable future both of the Associates elists will continue to operate as they have been doing.

Sheryl Taylor:

‘Hadn’t heard about this before [ALA – Library Support Staff Certification]. Sounds interesting. Doesn’t seem like they have a lot of courses available online yet. Keep an eye on it and let me know how it progresses.’

Editor: I am sure we can provide reports on how the LSS Certification is progressing.

Kathy Clevenger:

Is there any way I could get any information from Marcia Semerau about the “Write it Right” workshop?

Editor: Kathy’s email has been forwarded to Marcia to provide you with further information.