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ISSN 1077-6613

July 2010 (Vol. 17, no. 1)

To and From the Editors

Editorial by Kevin Dudeney


Bear Thoughts #13: Paradigms I: Not Just 20 Cents Anymore by Frank Exner, Little Bear
Frank provides a mind changing view about paradigms.

Be It Ever So Humble… by Sue Knoche
Sue shows us it doesn’t take much to show appreciation to others.


Why is the library you work in or the tasks you do in the library make it very interesting?
We all work in different types of libraries. Some of our readers tell us what makes their libraries interesting for them.

A New Beginning for COLT (Council on Library/Media Technicians)
After 40 years COLT is looking at a new start in 2010.

Bronchitis, Surgery and the Common Cold, OH MY! by Jill M. Baker
Jill tells of her extended time off work due to medical problems and how she had to fit back into her work in the library.

Recent Developments in the Library Support Staff Certification Program by Nancy Bolt
As requested by some of our readers.

News from Canada by Karen Hildebrandt
It’s been conference time in Canada and Karen shares with us the highlights.

Transitioning into a New Era by Tinker Massey
Technology is constantly changing and libraries have to keep to date. Tinker shares with us what is happening in her library.

On the Inside – Roses and All by Marrianne Wilkins
Marrianne provides a personal perspective on working in a difficult library environment.


Jim Jackson, England
Jim is the Law Library Supervisor at the University of Exeter.

Jennifer S. Kutzik, Fort Collins, Colorado
Jennifer is a Computer Applications Trainer at Colorado State University Libraries.


A Database for Writers and Aspiring Writers by Michael D. Brooks
A must for anyone interested in the written word.