ASSOCIATES (vol. 6, no. 3, March 2000) -

Info From The Superhighway:
Humor In Our Daily Lives


Linda Rae Putnam
Documents Department
Florida State University


     Humor in our daily lives. Yes, this includes the Library.

     During the spring in the south it is wonderful. It comes early to mid March and everything is growing and blooming and blooming and blooming.... There is so much pollen in the air that all of the cars that have not been washed since the night before are some shade of yellow. White cars especially look like yellow cars with all the pollen on them.

     This means that anyone who has allergies IS in misery and those who work with them are taking extra work... you know how it goes, when one person cannot be there the work has to go on... Then you have the spring fever for those who are not affected by the pollen. Everyone wants to be outdoors enjoying the wonderful weather after weeks of 20-40 degree weather. (Yes this is cold for us. Our blood thins after years of being in the South.)

     One thing I have found that really helps lift morale is to find jokes and funny stories to tell or send email to my friends. Some of them are real goners too. It does not really matter what the humor is because everyone knows that Readers Digest saying that "Laughter is the Best Medicine". I really believe this because I am one of those who react to everything, everything, outdoors and having a good laugh helps.

     I, as you know, am not into censorship but I have listed only the sites which are not tooooooo bad. The ones which indicated pornography involved I left for you to find. I will add a caveat to this statement in that some of the sites are not in English and who knows what is in them.

     It is not hard really to create this type of list. It just takes a little time and effort. I found all of these addresses by typing in the term "humor" in the search engine I use. I really should not give away my secrets because then you would not need this column but part of my job is to teach so try it and see what happens.

     When I started learning to search the Internet, my Supervisor told me to take the same search term - it did not matter what it was, but make sure it was exactly the same each time. Search each of the search engines with this term and look at the similarities and the differences that you find. This is how I create this column each issue.

     I hope you try the technique and enjoy the search. If you use the term "humor" you will find many sites not listed because I did not have room for them all. Happy Searching :-) Linda

     Humor.Com is a site dedicated to jokes, cartoons and various kinds of humor.

     HumorSearch.Com is a search engine dedicated to humorous subjects.

     Christian Humor with Greg Hartman as your Guide.

     Barbara Sehr your Guide to: Political Humor

     Humor Space contains humorous information, jokes etc. on the following topics. Jolly ECard, Receive Postcard, Christmas, Dictionaries, Jokes List, Mail, Quotes & Scripts, Rules & Guides, Stories, Taglines, Test, Quizzes, & Games.

     Handi Links - Many links to humor sites.

     Archivo del humor de EL MUNDO El mayor de Internet Chistes e... ...Ángel y Guillermo La ruleta del humor gráfico Las ilustraciones son...

     Strange but true police reports, weird news, funny top ten lists, and cartoons by Oliver.

     Area de humor de Portal Mix: los mejores chistes cortos, fotos...Description: Todo tipo de diversion: chistes cortos, fotos divertidas, juegos gratis, citas y frases

     Humor for WebMasters.

     Humor toolbag for healing of the past, the present and the future.

     A quick reference guide to the best humor sites on the web. - Wacky Humor, Greeting Cards, Dirty Jokes Comics, Jokes Monica Jokes

     The Comedy Catch- Chattanooga's Premier Comedy Club presents Random Fun Sites

     Largest collection of wedding jokes, humor and anecdotes.

     Computer, Internet, and Nerdly Humor

     Christian Humor on the web.

     Humor University, is a virtual university where people and organizations can major in humor. Our vision is to create a world where people in business choose humor and fun over being too serious. The community of Humor University is dedicated to eradicating the disease of "terminal seriousness" by providing the resources and teaching you how to add humor and fun into your life and work.

     World laughter center. Information on the famous mysterious 'HiHiHi'

     Jokes-humor and hilarious stuff.

     Welcome to the Workplace Humor topic area. This topic area is dedicated to all things funny at work. Each week I'll add a funny new Workplace Humor article, a new email forward/joke, and lots of great workplace humor links, like my favorite, The Dilbert Zone.

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