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Linda Rae Putnam
Documents Department
Florida State University

The year 2000 was a history-making year in the United States with two major historical events taking place. A new President was elected and the Decennial Census was taken. The interesting thing is that both historical events were surrounded in controversy.

On one side we have people saying that the presidential election was not fair because of the issues which arose in the State of Florida. On the other side we have people who say that the election was fair because later counts proved that the President would have won anyway. Many issues and much election reform came from this historical event.

As far as the Decennial Census, the ones who are upset are those involved in Genealogy. They say that when the Census is released in 75 years it will be useless as far as a genealogy record goes. On the other side are those who say that the Census is to be used for a citizen count and should have nothing to do with genealogists. Who knows who is right but the arguments in both historical cases goes on, and on, and on, you get the picture…

The results of this Decennial Census will result in many changes in the United States when you think of the redistricting which will occur both nationally and in each state. Most states gained population and it was discovered that, in many states, single person households outnumber the married couple households. Patrons are already beginning to come in asking for data from the census and we need to be able to supply this data. Listed below are several sites that contain data from the 2000 Census. Some are for individual states but most are for the entire United States.
Data from Census 2000, product overviews and assistance in acquiring and using census information
Your source for population, housing, economic and geographic data.
Census 2000 Final Response Rates.
Census 2000 initiative.
City Growth and the 2000 Census: Which Places Grew, and Why
Census 2000 Data Access and Use -- an information resource developed and maintained by Warren Glimpse
Minnesota State Demographic Center: Census 2000 data.
Census 2000 information from the US Bureau of the Census for New Jersey. Census 2000
Texas Census Website
Reporting Census 2000 A Guide for Journalists
Michigan's Census 2000 Web Site
JS Online: Census 2000 Southwest Florida's most read news source.
Maine Today
This site contains data files designed for social science researchers to use in conjunction with statistical software. If you are looking for answers to basic demographic questions or access to population tables, see the American FactFinder.
C-Span Public affairs on the web.
Census 2000 Quick Links
United States Census 2000: Indiana. Selected Census 2000 demographics released May 2001:
Census Tiger 2000 Data. Redistricting TIGER® 2000 Now Available to Download!
Arizona Secretary of State, Arizona Census 2000
Population Reference Bureau: US Census 2000
Census2000: Your One-Stop Shop for Data Today and the Next ...
Census 2000 Pennsylania Count.
US GenWeb Project. United States Census 2000
Texas information
Journal and Courier Online - Community Connections

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