ASSOCIATES (vol. 6, no. 2, November 1999) -



Sharon R. Swain
Acquisition Assistant
Coleman Karesh Law Library
University of South Carolina

      Iíve always wondered at the lack of windows in many Technical Services areas. Is it some sort of subversive plot to keep us working in artificial light while the rest of the library runs and thrives on a combination of artificial and natural sunlight? Is it a ploy on the part of the administration to force us to move from our desks several times a day so that we can get a view of our outside surroundings from the staff breakroom? With tongue in cheek and keyboard in hand I pen this poem.

Windows (sp)

Is it too much to ask
I thought to myself,
For a window - or two -
Over there by that shelf?

I've been chained to my desk
And I've no way to know
What the weather is like
Is it rain, sun or snow?

There's no way to tell
If a crowd is about
For there's nary a window
From which to look out

So I went to my boss
And said, "Sir, have you seen
How plants without sun
Lose their beautiful green?

I'm wilting and drooping.
I need vitamin D.
A window would help
Oh, don't you see?"

He was puzzled, my boss
At my reference to 'green'
"Your desktop computer
is where Windows is seen

So for now I'm content
with my Screensaver view.
Virtual windows
Will just have to do.

At my desktop computer
Where Windows abound,
A Library Technician
Can always be found.

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