ASSOCIATES (vol. 10, no. 2, November 2003) -

The Electronic Library Support Staff Journal


Volume 10, Number 2
November 2003

To and From The Editors:

Guest Editorial
From The Editor
Letters To The Editor


*My View from the Back Room* by Carol Borzyskowski
*Library Life: A Column Of Eclectic Rantings* by Katie Buller Kintner


*Kids Loose in the Stacks: Some Notes on Unattended Children in the Library* by Michael Wood


*Rainbow's End - Prelude to Chapters 2 and 3* by Tinker Massey
*Rainbow's End: Chapter 2* by Tinker Massey
*Rainbow's End: Chapter 3* by Tinker Massey

Website Review:

*A Search Engine for Computer Buyers* reviewed by Michael D. Brooks
*Space: a Breathtaking Frontier* reviewed by Michael D. Brooks

Video Review:

*Africa in the 21st Century [video series]* reviewed by Sylvia Skene

Product Review:

*EventKeeper* reviewed by Wendee Eyler
*The Renaissance Library Calendar 2004* reviewed by Jean Turner Weiss

Conference Report:

*The Silver Anniversary of the New York State Library Assistants' Association's Annual Conference* by Judith Andrew
*Umbrella* by Jim Jackson
*2003 Ohio Library Support Staff Institute* by Judy Orahood


Education and Training

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